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Playing One's Cards Close to the Vest and the Pulitzer Prize ... The idioms, to keep something close to your vest, or chest, are allusions to the game of poker. Just as a poker player may try to hide his cards from his fellow players, a person involved in business, relationships, or some form of negotiation may try to ‘keep their cards close to the vest (or chest);’ in other words, withhold or avoid disclosing certain information, emotions, or other ... MOLLY’S GAME (2017) – High Stakes Poker Tale Plays Close to ... MOLLY’S GAME (2017) – High Stakes Poker Tale Plays Close to the Vest. Posted on January 8, 2018 by marruda3. ... plays things close to the vest, and as a result ...

A heads up poker hand involving the California Coastal Commission on one side of the table and the state’s electorate on the other would make for stellar television. The commissioners would push all in on Charles Lester’s fate while fully decked out with shades to cover their eyes, a sweater with a hood obscuring the head, leaving only earphone wires, a set jaw and pursed lips visible.

Closed (poker) - Wikipedia In the game of poker, a betting round is said to be closed if no player will have the right to raise in the round. Normally this occurs when a player calls, and the next player whose turn it is to act is the one who made the last raise, so he cannot raise further (this ends the betting round). West Virginia Poker Sites 2019 & WV Online Poker Laws

Texas Hold'em Poker is popular in almost all countries. Is there any technical reason for this? Is it because Texas Holdem is better than other poker games?

Urban Dictionary: close to the vest Though it was just a friendly game of Go-Fish, Henry kept his cards close to the vest, not letting anyone else see which cards he held. He played the murder close to the vest so he could work out all the details before the police found out. Strip Poker -

Urban Dictionary: close to the vest

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